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All content copyright © 2004 by Nexatron
Welcome to Nexatron
Inside, you will find high resolution desktop wallpapers designed using state of the art 3-D software. Feel free to peruse the graphics (in the Gallery section) provided on this website, and please do purchase a trinket at my Shop or visit our sponsors, to support the creation of new images and feed the lowly shopowner. After all, one cannot survive on art alone... Custom designs on request.
Legal Disclaimer
The images in my galleries are protected by international copyright law. By visiting my public gallery you are granted a personal license to download and use the images as wallpaper on your personal computer and to share a few of them with your friends and family through email. No image in any of my galleries, hi-res or thumbnail, may be used in any way other than as personal wallpaper. You may print them out for personal use but not for distribution (commercial or non-profit). You may not post them on public or private websites, whether they be not-for-profit or commercial. You may not distribute them on CD-ROM or other archival media like DVD-ROM, ZIP, floppy, or in compressed archives like zip, gz, or tar files. You may not alter them or use elements from them in your own work (unless that work is purely personal and will never be transferred to a computer other than the one on which it was created). Images that are posted must be shown with the signature watermark in the lower right corner.